Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Treasure Hunting with Jenna

This last weekend Jenna & I took a road trip to do some serious treasure hunting. It was snowing, and freakishly cold that day, but we had so much fun together it didn't even matter. I spooked a large owl out of one of the shops (or should I say, he spooked me!), and as a spun around to run for my life, I slipped and fell face first, making an adult snow angel in all that freshly fallen snow. We were both laughing so hard I could hardly stand up. Anyhow, we walked away with some fantastic finds

Bobcat approves....


This old hutch was love at first sight! It was buried under loads of "man junk" in an abandoned shop, but I just had to have it. So jenna, who isn't afraid of anything, dug it out for me!! I'm now scouring eBay for some inexpensive iron stone and cutter quilts to fill it with. I swear this is the reason I'm up at 5am blogging, I'm too excited to sleep! Look at all this chippy paint ....

This old medicine cabinet still has its original glass door. It's going to need its back replaced, and an extensive bubble bath, but it should be for sale shortly!

This pic doesn't do this gorgeous piece justice, probably because its covered in snow, but this was another one of my "had to have but I'm too chicken to dig it out myself" items. It's an old grain bin that is going to look fab in my living room ASAP!


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