Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Greatest Pick So Far

So I started this blog just over a year ago to show off some of my projects...however I was completely unsuccessful when it came to sticking with it. These last couple of months I've been crafting and having great success at selling some of my creations online, so I needed a place to put these ideas and reconnect with friends! I'm still trying to figure out even HOW TO blog, but I'll get there eventually, I hope:) So how better to kick off my first post than with some pictures of the most fantastic treasure I've ever picked! ( that's right, I'm a find me a run down structure to rummage thru and I'll find something to drag home...promise) I've been wanting a farm table forever, that's just my decorating buy one is crazy expensive, so last summer I built one and I've loved it. This last week while treasure hunting I found the most gorgeous table I've ever seen! It had its original blue paint chipped to perfection on the legs, the top had rusty nails and dozens of beauty marks (knife cuts), and it had wheels!! For anyone that knows about primitive decor, you know this is a rare find, especially considering it was free if I could get it thru the cow pasture. After buckets and buckets of ammonia water, and some bees wax, the gorgeous little thing is now sitting in my house!!! I'm not sure what to do with my old table now, I'm emotionally attached I think after all the work I put into building it. So I consider myself lucky to be the proud owner of two farm tables!

here is the table top "before"

look at all that original blue paint!
and here it is after...isn't it fab!


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